How to save on household appliances?

The tips below will give you some inspiration – and even more, by visiting blogs on the topic. With a little time and attention, you can take a full turn in the use of your household.

Replace the old one with a new one!


The easiest way to save money is to have our equipment running efficiently. There is a lot we can do for the environment and our bank account if we don’t buy penny old, old-fashioned machines on sale-buy portals. What we gain on these reels is lost on customs because use ‘consumes’ more energy than with new equipment. The state also supports the replacement of the so-called big machines.

There are programs to get more people to replace their washing machines, refrigerators, gas convectors. Replacing old pieces with new ones will save you at least 20 thousand HUF per year. It’s not just about power consumption and the environment that we win – it’s good to know that new washing machines, for example, use much less water than the old ones. But beyond that, it’s a good idea to renovate your own little home ‘machine park’, even with a personal loan. Every edition comes at a price when we vote for energy efficient types.

How do we get informed?


When purchasing equipment, it is now easy to find out how environmentally friendly they are. On washing machines, the energy label says it all. Only green and A + machines are worth buying. Its lower grade than A + has not been sold in the EU for years, and it is now more normal to have A +++ on the label.

If the mark is not green but red or worse than D, give up your washing machine even if your aunt gives you a gift box of chocolates. The dishwasher comes with similar markings. Most of it is consumed by our fridge because we open it a lot during the day. Replacing this will bring a lot to the kitchen. Here, the categories on the energy label are slightly different: + or ++ marks even more percent savings. But the refrigerator also wins A +++. Good to know: A good refrigerator can save you a monthly electricity bill every year.

How to use it?


So hopefully we have new machines at home; but how can we make the most of them? It is worthwhile to look at the use of each device as it works differently. For example, in the case of a freezer,

  • We do not overfill, do not overload everything
  • However, our freezer is not empty
  • We set it to Eco mode, but if our machine is not as modern, we don’t choose the coldest gear
  • We do not place the freezer near a heat source, for example it is not placed next to the boiler. Urban legend that refrigeration machines do not vibrate near hot equipment!

Small tricks can be used


At advanced level, we can use smart solutions to help our ‘green’ household work better. Vacuuming, for example, stays fresh for 2-5 times longer, saving you cooking: once a long time we can prepare family lunches and dinners. Vegetables and fruits, taken from the market and taken from the market without packaging, can be kept fresh under vacuum.