Importance of life insurance

If we speak clearly, life insurance is something you pay to bring peace to your family and take care of your assets, when you are gone. We all feel very afraid, we all want to not even have to talk about it, but there are times when it is necessary.

Financial support


Forming a family is a special commitment for each member: in the case of financial support, one seeks to provide love, food, shelter, clothing, health, distractions and, above all, protection. Therefore, having life insurance is essential.

In Mexico, only 15% of the population has individual life insurance, a number that tends to grow, because during the last decades we have realized that today more than ever it is necessary to protect those who depend economically on you.

Amount we can pay


The type of insurance that we must contract depends on a balance between economic needs and the amount we can pay without becoming a debt that would end up getting into trouble.

There are certain variables that can help you decide which insurance to hire:
How much are your household expenses each month?
What is your monthly salary?
What education and health expenses does your family have?

Choose an insured amount according to your ability to pay


The most expensive insurance is not always the best, check the conditions and benefits offered by each institution.With this you will have an overview of the real and future expenses of your family or beneficiary (s), and you will be able to ensure for an amount that guarantees that their standard of living will not be impaired after your absence.

There are products and services that include life insurance, such as Comprehensive Coverage that you can include when contracting an Good Finance Personal Loan, for only $ 10 pesos per week you can have life insurance.

Come to Good Finance, we not only help you with the cash you need, we want to bring peace of mind to your life and that of your family.